Maltese Cavalier Mix - Maisie

by Heidi
(Victoria, Australia )

Maisie bouncing around hagan

Maisie bouncing around hagan

Maisie is real crazy! My Maltese Cavalier mix is always happy to see us and loves meeting new people. We have never heard Maisie growl at us or look upset or annoyed. She enjoys being with people of all ages and doesn't miss a chance to sit on your lap. Maisie likes to spring and leap and she is the fastest running dog ever! Though she is a bit naughty when she is off the lead and won't come back. Maisie learnt a new word; walks! And she knows walks is an exiting word and that she will be going for one.

Now I would say Maisie wouldn't hurt a fly, but she does enjoy chasing them! People are surprised to hear her lower deeper bark which is heard rarely. After my cousins dogs being at our house for a week Maisie learnt bad habits like scratching our door and howling when someone pulls up in the drive way. Maisie is the biggest copy! But we love her and she loves us (so we think;))

My favourite part is the way she greets us and how she lets is dress her up! Most gorgeous dog ever and I would recommend one for anyone!!! We haven't gone one day without her making us laugh!

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