Maltese Mommy

by Patti Entwistle
(Rochester, New York)

Maltese Sisters

Maltese Sisters

Abby is my 2 year old Maltese. She is the Diva Mommy. She takes care of everyone and worries about them.

Three years ago I became disabled and she bought me out of a severe depression. When I cried she would lick my tears and put her head on my shoulder.

I wanted her to have a playmate. Abby is Missy Lou's sister. They have the same mother. Missy is three months old she will be very small. Completely different personalities. They are so much fun.

They love to go for walks in the stroller. Missy will cuddle up to Abby and go to sleep. They really put a smile in your heart....

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Apr 22, 2008
by: Sammi

Sammi loves her best friends Abby and Missi always and forever!


Apr 22, 2008
sisters 4 life
by: sister -sue

Dear Abby and Missy Lou,

Alright already..... we all can see you both are absolutely beautiful little angels. I get that. So what that you both dress better than me AND have better hair styles. That's all the obvious.

What you cant see sisters is the joy you bring to my life. Remember girls your mama is my mama. I cant always be there for her and I consider us a team. We gotta stick together. We owe it to our mama. She's had it rough, but through it all she continues to love us and take of us in her special ways.

So promise me sisters always give mama an extra kiss and hug at night for me.



Apr 21, 2008
your angels
by: Jennine, Taylor and Kristina

You did not pick these puppies, they picked you, and for a good reason. They are your guardian angels sent to you right here on earth.These two angels of yours will keep you happy and safe for as long as they can.
They are so precious because you are their mother and you give them all of the love you can. They will help you through the good and bad because these angels are your family. If what they give you runs a little shy from what you're about to go through do not worry because your friends family and I (us) will be right by your side!!

Apr 21, 2008
Two special puppies for a special mother!!
by: Tim

Abby and Missy are two lucky puppies that found a special mother!!!

Love the picture!!!!

Apr 21, 2008
by: barb

That is one of the cutest pictures! They should win Malteses of the year! They look like professional models. Maybe that is what is next for them, HOLLYWOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe even American Idol of animals.

Apr 19, 2008
If all sisters....
by: Connie

If all sisters could be this close. I will be praying for you as you undergo these additional surgeries. I know that if you can get back to work, it will be almost as good as these sisters for you soul.

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