Mauzers - Kopiko & Jazmyn

by Brenda
(Terre Haute, IN)

Our Jazmyn & Kopiko are the two sweetest, loving dogs in the world. I love them to pieces and have enjoyed having them both as members of our family. Kopiko came first as a gift for Christmas and then Jaz joined the family the following year when the kennel we got Kopiko from acquired Jaz back after her 1st owner became ill and could no longer take care of her. Jaz has always been a bit more skittish then Kopi, but is loved just as much! Kopi is the playful, happy-go-lucky one. She loves to play and has finally stopped taking the squeaker out of all of her toys, but hates to ride in the car and would rather just stay at home by my side at all times. Kopi is also bigger and somewhat oddly shaped with a bit longer body and hair that grows longer then her sister. Jaz, although timid and not as playful, is very affectionate and loves, loves, loves to go "bye bye". Jaz tends to seem jealous of any attention Kopi receives and sometimes acts up or nips at Kopi when she feels she isn't being talked to enough, but is oh so sweet most of the time and would prefer to be on our lap every moment of the day. Jaz is smaller in build with more wire like hair that doesn't seem to grow as fast or as thick as her sister....just wish there were more Mauzer gifts and fun things to buy...not like the purebred dogs and I have seen some hybrid stuff out there, but not for Mauzers.

Only problem we have found, is that they have dry skin and Kopi gets scabs all over her at times that seems to make her feel bumpy all over and itch a lot. Read that there is a particular cream or shampoo for Mauzers, but never heard what exactly it is??

Gotta love my Mauzers though..... So darn sweet!

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