Meat and Vegie Delight

by Terry

US Wellness sells PET BURGERS made with grass fed AND finished beef( meaning beef is not bulked up on GMO corn/soy)+ organs ground up in burgers

I puree steamed peas and carrots and add Dinovite
Add pumpkin to mixture
2X a week 1 organic egg and or sardines (in water NO SALT)
Add this to above mixture
+ t tsp Sweet potato
Do not give treats
No broths unless I make it from scratch
The time and effort has been worth every minute/dollar
No stains on her eyes, shiny coat and no VET appointments
EXERCISE is important too I want her around a LONG time!
Dr Karen Becker has some great info
Dog food sold by Vets is NOT an option
Processed food is not good for our pets OR us
Once I learned all the problems with commercial dog food, I made a commitment to my Maltese to do whatever it took to keep her healthy
LEARN as much as you can about food AND vaccines for your pet
Dr Ronald Schultz has some great info on this topic
My dog almost died from a rabies vax
KNOWLEDGE is power Learn as much as you can about pet food
Susan Thixon is a good resource too

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