My First Maltese Yeppie

by Jennifer Gu

My Yeppie sitting on her bed

My Yeppie sitting on her bed

I just got my Maltese 1 month ago. She is a little over one year.

She loves me to chase her or she chases me. She looks cute with ribbons and tiaras and it loves the color pink. She loves going for a walk. She is a great watch dog. She growls and barks when the mail comes! HAHA.

She has this pink dolphin toy and she just loves it. She takes it everywhere with her: when she chases me when I chase her. She hugs it when she sleeps and uses it for a pillow.

The worst problem is that she has tear stains. When someone leaves my house, she cries a lot and results to brown, ugly tear stains. But overall, I love my first dog!

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Feb 04, 2008
tear stains
by: carol

She is so precious.
My Lucky also gets tear stains (from crying, I guess) you would think i threatened to cut off a leg or something when I HAVE to leave him, which
is hardly ever.
anyway, I clean his eyes every morning with
a tears solution clean his hair (be careful with
a tiny q=tip with a little hydrogen peroxide and
water(be careful not to get in his eyes). also
look for a product on the internet "Angel Eyes)which you put on their food. good luck

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