Orijen Dog Food for Princey

by Roslyn
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Tux on my Baby $199 Santa hat Princeless

Tux on my Baby $199 Santa hat Princeless


Orijen puppy dog food to be best for food choice for Princey my Maltese who is now 4 years old.

His coat is shiny, he is very very healthy.

I have a great Global Pet food store in my community that keeps me informed on each the top brand for Maltese and provides me with educated and relevant updates for all of them.

My little guy likes variety I switch between different flavors within the
Orijen brand
... Salmon, boar, chicken, duck etc.

Princey is a notoriously a picky eater so I have to add some extra cook meal such as: chicken, beef, liver to his bowl or he would out right refuse to eat without his choice of meat.

So for all you loving Maltese Mummy's out there please do your research before committing to any food for you Maltese. Note just because the company that manufacturers the foods said its good doesn't mean tat it is. Do Your Own Research.

Another thing you must must be aware of a lot of the Veterinarians have agreement with a specific food manufacturer so they do not support any other brand if its not sold in their office. You cannot rely on just asking your Vet for the best food to feed your precious little guys!

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