Phoebe Taylor-RIP-9/29/94-3/05/09




I just lost my malshi. She was 14 years & 3 months. I bought her from a neighborhood pet store. My partner & i argued about getting a dog. I had never had a pet, and as it turns out neither had she. She had gotten many dogs in the past then take them back within a few days or weeks. Phoebe was six weeks old, and she was about 2 pounds. She fit in my hand, and was as cute as a button. My oldest granddaughter was about 18 months and thought she was a toy. When phoebe greeted her and played with her it freaked her out. I had to calm her down my grand not phoebe, and they got along famously. Phoebe was great with all the grandkids. Playful and gentle, even when my

grands were not.

Phoebe was slate & white,female and grew to about 9 pounds. I took phoebe home with me, when my partner didn't want to keep her. She was my baby until her last breath. I never thought that a dog i didn't want in the first place, would become the center of my life. I had to enlist a friend with a 70 pound great dane mix to help me house break her.

It took a long time, because i had her at my friend's place with her dog. Dusty was her name. Dusty & phoebe bonded, and they were distressed when apart. So i would stay with my friend with phoebe. Eventually, they moved up north,i live in so. Calif, so they were separated, and she had to adjust to her dog-mom being gone. Phoebe & i endured many moves.Phoebe was my "loved companion". She use to bark at dogs 3x her size, she was fearless.She grounded me. I am about 250lbs, and when we walked, especially in the morning, she handled me.My eyes half opened, she would stop, and
pull her least to wake me.

Eventually, my partner & i moved in together, and we aquired a persian female cat. Her name is fiona grape. Phoebe was about 3 and half.And fiona was 5 months(4lbs.). The 2 bonded, and we had a dog-cat & a cat dog. Fiona loved to play with phoebe, and phoebe took care of fiona.

Fiona would sleep next to her, run after her, and generally needy. Our pack order was me,phoebe, fiona, & gilbert(male persian) we got in 2001. Phoebe didn't like gilbert, so she would keep him at a distance, firm yet gentle. Phoebe was the smallest of our pack. Fiona is griefing terribly, and looks for phoebe. I have tried to keep her close, when she lets me. The day phoebe passed she was acting unusual. Gilbert is close to me as well and fiona, and fiona was allowing gilbert to be close to her more than normal.

Phoebe's playing with dusty& waiting for me with my loved ones,to greet me in eternity.She lost her sight in life, so i know she is running free again.God blessed me,i held her on another day in our life, after grooming her, she had a normal day.She ate, pooed, and didn't suffer,old age and all the set backs with age. I came home from work, and she had a hard time breathing.I calmed her down, and for awhile she seemed better. Then i looked in her eyes and saw she was passing. I held her in my arms, and she took her last few breaths. She looked at me and let go. Even in the end of our unlikely journey, she made it easy for me. I didn't have to make that choice,phoebe with god did. Her ashes are in her urn on her kennel, and they will be spread with mine, together forever when we meet again along with all my four legged companions.

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Jun 04, 2015
so sad for you NEW
by: lizz

Never easy to lose a loved one..god bless you

Jun 04, 2015
Phoebe Taylor NEW
by: Anonymous

What a wonderful friend she must have been. What a difficult loss this must be for you!

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