Pug Maltese Mix - Hank

by Michelle
(Alberta, Canada)

Our Pug Maltese mix Hank is the sweetest boy! He is fun & goofy. He makes me laugh everyday. He is quite smart and knows so many tricks. Hank was incredibly easy to train. He loves vegetables (and anything else he can eat)! He's great with kids. He does shed quite a bit. I'd say his hair is on the longer side of medium, but I clipper him in the warmer months. We live in Alberta, so winters are cold, but he loves playing in the snow. He doesn't mind wearing coat & boots in the really cold weather. He is about 20 lbs. I could not be happier with Hank. Everyone loves him. This photo is a side by side of when I got him (at 5 months old) and on his 6th birthday. So beautiful!!

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