White Jatese - Sweetpea

by Teresa Johnson
(York, Nebraska, USA)

What are you looking out?  He moved from his spot!

What are you looking out? He moved from his spot!

Well, we don't call Sweetpea a Jatese. When I bought, 1 day before her 8 week birthdate, I was told she is a Malchin. So, not sure what to call our precious furbaby. But, she totally fits us and gets us. Sweetpea has a wonderful temperament with all of our grandchildren, who range in age from 2 months to 21 years old. She greets everyone at the door and always has a "lick" for everyone she meets. Licking is her obsession, which at time does get annoying. We have yet to figure out why she licks anything, everything, and everybody. We have read information on the internet and have consulted with our obedience trainer, Kathy (who is in the following photos holding her) and still she licks. We actually thought she was pregnant, but evidently not as still no puppies and she should have had them around Easter or so we thought I hope you enjoy the photos of our cream and white Jatese (aka Malchin).

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