Markie a Morkie

by Sandy
(Houston, TX)

She is 4 yrs old, and weighs 8 or 9 pounds.

She looks more like the Yorkie side than the Maltese side. The tan fur on her is much lighter than the Yorkie and I am told she will become more white as she ages. I am not so sure about that. She also acts more like the Yorkie. I had hoped differently but you just never know when you get them as puppies what type of personality they will have.

She wants to he right where I am and most of time she prefers I hold her. That was like my small Maltese. I have had two Maltese in the past and would really like another but now they are so expensive. I keep watching the rescue places and SPCA for just the right one. One of my Maltese weighed only 4.5 pounds (he was the runt.) He was with me constantly when I was home. When I was at my computer, I would put a blanket on the desk so he could sleep while I worked. I had to put him down in 2010 when he was only ten years old. This was totally unexpected; he was in pain and turns out his spine was malformed. And ....I still miss him terribly. My other Maltese weighed nine pounds. He lived for 16 years but had major medical issues.

Back to the Morkie.. She barks a lot more than I want; a lot of it is nuisance barking, wanting my attention. Oh, yes, she tells me when she wants to eat, wants a treat, and when she thinks it is time for us to go to bed. If I don't go to bed, she will finally give up and go to sleep on the couch. I am trying to break her from the barking and she is much better but not quite there yet. She also likes to jump up on me and we are working on that too. ( Last time I went to the doctor, she asked me why I had so many scratches on my legs and arms.)

Markie is my ears (I am hard of hearing) as was my bigger Maltese. If the phone rang or the doorbell rang, he would make sure I knew.
Now Markie is doing the same. I have to acknowledge her and then she is ok and goes about her
business. I live in an apartment now so most of time I hear these things but when I lived in a house, the Maltese would come find me wherever I was to make sure I understood.

Markie loves her toys; they are all over the house. But she also gets bored with them quickly. She likes to play fetch and tug-of-war. When she wants to play she will bring one of her toys and give it to me. She is very smart and knows what I am telling her most of the time, but like a child, she often chooses to ignore me. I have always said the Malteses I had and now the Morkie remind me of toddlers. When I come home from the store she has to sniff and dig to see what, if anything, I bought for her. She looks for toys and treats. Of course, I have spoiled her and that is why she does this; when she was a puppy I did bring her a new toy or treat most every time I went to the store; don't do that any more. (They do not forget, do they?) I have given away 3 bags of toys and she still has a box full.

She also loves to wear clothes. She thinks she has to be wearing a shirt or dress all the time. She likes to be "pretty". And....she does look so cute! She has learned how to hold her head just the right way for it to go into the garment but she gets impatient after the head goes in and I have to make her be still until I get her legs in the proper holes and/or get the velcro fastened.

She does have a problem that is a concern. When she was a small puppy she was attacked by a larger dog and from that point on she refuses to go outside unless I carry her. She will not do her business outside; she will not get onto the ground. I had to train her to the use puppy pads.

I hope to find her a playmate soon.

Well that is enough for now. ARF! ARF! Markie says.

Markie's Mom, Sandy

p.s. I also have a cat and Markie thinks it is fun to chase her so the cat stays up on the bed or elsewhere so Markie can't get to her.

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Apr 26, 2015
by: lizz

There are maltese rescue groups all over you might not get a puppy but so what they all need love and believe me i'd take onein aheartbeatbutmy malchis don't like other dogs much....they only tolorate my daughters dog beecause they have no choice lol

Apr 18, 2015
by: Anonymous

She sounds wonderful

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