Shelter Dog - Matilda

We adopted from a shelter but are 99% sure she's a Cairn Maltese mix. A little high maintenance; she needs at least 30 mins of hard exercise a day and can't be negatively disciplined. She has good boundaries and only barks if someone actually comes onto our property (as opposed to passing by on the sidewalk). Loves to learn new tricks and play puzzles. Would have her in agility but a previous injury prevents certain maneuvers.

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Nov 01, 2015
Great little dogs! NEW
by: Deco City Girl

We also adopted our dog Rose. Have had her two years. We now believe she is a Cairn x Maltese. I had seen Cairns around but though her coat was a lot softer and didn't stand up the same when groomed. A stranger stopped me on the street to take her photo as they had a friend with the same looking dog. They said they hadn't seen another dog which looked alike. Google images confirms the breed the lady mentioned. Glad to finally know. Rose like your Matilda can't be corrected! This is her only real downside. She sings, jumps up in the air, stands on hind legs, runs around in circles, the list goes on. A great little dog!

Mar 17, 2015
Matilda NEW
by: Anonymous

You must love her very much!

Mar 16, 2015
Cute Mix
by: Katie

What a cutie! So glad you rescued her!

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