Shitzu Mix - Coco

by Veronica Rivera
(Garden Grove, CA)

My baby Coco

My baby Coco

Omg my Maltese Shitzu mix is literally my baby and my best friend. My mom and I laugh at how much of a human-like baby she is. She let's me sit her on my knee and pat her on her back as if I'm really burping her. When she knows I'm about to leave she'll run for the door stand up and put her arms up for me to carry her and take her with me. she sleeps with me on my bed every night and has to feel me in order to go to sleep. I say she's my best friend because she'll change her mood to whatever mood I'm in if I'm hyper and want to be playful she's running around like a maniac with me. Or when im sad and down its like her world just ended and shell lay right in front of my face very sad and cry. She's grown on me as my real baby and I don't know what I would do with out her. If your looking for a loveable best friend to cuddle with a Malshi is perfect.

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Shitzu Mix - Pookey

by Tammy
(Edmonton, Canada)

We've had our little guy for two weeks now. Our Maltese Shitzu mix is about 10 week sold. Looks like a Maltese. This dog has no fear.

We also have a 15 pound 1 1/2 yr old Pug female and they just love to play with each other. Pookey will try to jump on my pugs back and both these breeds seem to like being chased. They will take turns chasing each other for the same toy. But they have no interest in the toy just the chase.

My daughter and Husband just love him to death. he is very good with the pee pads (as it gets very cold and the snow gets very deep I don't want him going outside right now.) I just wish he would stop tearing them up (laugh). I wish we had a dozen more of these little guys.

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